Liturgical Ministries

Music Ministry

About: The music ministry is comprised of and welcomes singers and instrumentalists of all ages and levels of musical experience. We consider the ministry not to be one of performance but one of service to our Lord, His Church, and His people through the gift of leading the congregation through sung prayer. Each person’s individual ability to sing becomes integrated with the others to be offered as a whole in praise and thanksgiving. The choir sings a broad range of Catholic liturgical music from traditional through contemporary.

Time: Choir sings every week through the year at alternating Masses. The choir sings for the main liturgies at Christmas, Easter Triduum, Solemn Sung Vespers, special feasts and liturgies. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evening from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

The hand bell and chime choir rings at one Mass about every 4-6 weeks both with and without the choir. Rehearsals are head on Wednesday evening from 6:30pm-8:00pm.

Coordinator: Christine Carpenter 717.642.9865.

Note: If you enjoy singing or playing an appropriate instrument we would love to have you join us.


Altar Servers

About: This ministry is open to male and female youth who have the distinct honor of serving the priest at Mass and other liturgical services, such as Benediction. 

Time: Altar Servers are needed at all Masses and other liturgical services as scheduled.                       

Coordinator: Dave Sanders 717.334.9724.

Note: The young man or lady should have a desire to serve Christ, and at minimum be in the 4th grade.



About: This ministry welcomes the parish community to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.  They seek parish members willing to take the Offertory gifts to the altar, and they collect the monetary gifts for donation.

Time: Ushers are needed at all Masses.

Coordinator: Tom Tippett 717.642.5734.

Note: Open to anyone. A friendly and cheerful personality is an asset. 


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

About: Specially trained men and women who have the distinct honor of helping the celebrant distribute Holy Communion at Masses.  A short training period is required.  Men and women who are called to this ministry must be at least 17 years of age and a senior in high school. 

Time: Eucharistic Ministers are needed at all Masses. If you would like to become a Eucharistic Minister you can fill out the following application.

Coordinator: Dennis Ranney 717.642.8681.

Note:  Training through the Diocese for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is required.  


Extraordinary Ministers to the Homebound

About: This special ministry brings the Holy Eucharist into the homes of our parishioners who are unable to attend Mass due to illness. They also assist the priest with hospital visitations offering Holy Communion to Catholic patients and residents in convalescent centers.

Time: Extraordinary Ministers are always needed.

Coordinator: Harriet Maull 717.642.5045.

Note: The Diocesan training for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is required. Contact the parish for more information 717.642.8815.



About: Lectors have the honor of proclaiming the Word of God during the Mass. Through this important ministry, the congregation hears the inspired readings of the day that leads to the reading of the Holy Gospel. 

Time: Lectors are needed at all Masses.

Coordinator: Sharon Ranney 717.642.8681.

Note: This ministry is open to high school students and adults alike.  A strong clear, voice is an important requirement.  There is a short training period involved, which is done through the parish.


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